Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Die candida die!  The die off has gotten worse!  :P. but I'm thankful it is dying!  

Yesterday was great and on some level I am really enjoying the cleanse/fast.  
For breakfast I had a small omelette and ginger tea. For lunch I had another delicious salad.  I added a little bit of chopped raw garlic for an extra kick and it was fab.  Dinner was delish.  I didn't know what to make but decided to make a tomato sauce with fried zucchini and purple eggplant chips (it was kinda heavenly). 

First I chopped up 3 garlic gloves an onion 2 tomatoes a couple pieces of cilantro and half of a green chile.  Then I sliced thin slices of eggplant and zucchini. 

I put the garlic onion chile and cilantro into the pan in a little olive oil then after cooking til golden I added the tomatoes and mashed them until they were saucy and added salt.  

For the squashes I used a crepe pan and put one layer into the pan added salt rosemary and basil with a tsp of olive oil.  I fried them both until golden brown and a little crispy on the edges!  Full of flavor!   

I also had a few olives and almonds in the evening as I was feeling hungry!  I also drank lots of water today.  

The die off:  
Oh man.  The cravings.  But the worse part of it has been the mornings.  Today I cancelled my morning appointments because I felt so bad.  

I used to be allergic to almost All foods and when I had an allergic reaction I would have heart palpitations where my heart beats extra hard and fast.  This has also been happening especially upon waking up and today was the worst.  

I'm super excited about this cleanse and I know it is going to have multiple beneficial effects on my body!!!  I am really pressing in to go the full course! (No pun intended hehe).  It is going to be really healthy for my body and I am also certain that at the end of it, my diet will have permanently changed in a lot of ways.  Here's to health strength and vitality! :). 

Love and health 

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