Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day what?

So I'm into this fast full force.  It has been another slightly hectic day.  I cancelled all my meetings this morning and slept in until an unheard of time in missionary life.  It was fantastic.  I felt horrific though ,most of the day.  After an omelette and ginger tea for breakfast, I had a salad with some chicken for lunch with sundries tomatoes, and then I decided to splurge and got a chicken curry which I made sure was dairy wheat sugar and everything else free.  Um delish.  I'm planning to toss some veggies into the leftover sauce tomorrow.  

Today I was so tired almost the whole day.  I even asked the server why he brought me a half empty bottle of water (that would be not cool) but actually he had just poured it into a glass sitting right in front of me.  Wow.  I'm a space cadet lately.  The die off symptoms are very real but I'm gonna get better slowly right?  Speaking of being tired I'm falling asleep typing this.  Good night!  Day 7. 

Sweet dreams.

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