Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh Candida don't you cry for me...

So tonight I feel so overwhelmed with the whole candida cleanse!  I am on day thirty something and my chocolate cravings are crazy.  The worst part though is that I am wondering if what I am doing is actually helping anything.  I just read that you almost always have parasites if you have candida and should do a parasite cleanse first or it will just come back.  I really want to end this diet at 60 days and at least eat some chocolate oh my gosh but ... I'm not so sure what I need to do.  :/. Feeling a little frustrated... oh and constipated... gonna go drink some senna tea.  

Oh and another thing.  i think there is so much that we need to learn and research about our bodies and our diets!  We are perishing for a lack of knowledge.  also, i think it is Godly to take care of your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit!  We should love our bodies and take care of them because we are loved sons and daughters who know our value and worth!  ok Bye.  

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